Water Treatment Classes in Palm Beach County

Water and wastewater treatment exam review classes and CEU classes

Here is some information to help you if you live in Broward or Palm Beach Counties. You want a water or waste water (sewer) review class to assist you in passing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection agency (FDEP) operator certification examination.

Well this is the place to get the information.

Richard offers water treatment classes in Ft Lauderdale or West Palm Beach for his water exam review classes and CEU classes for Florida licensed water treatment operators. He also has a killer water review book for taking the Florida state test.


Contact Richard Dillon @ 561-758-9747 for review classes and CEU's as well as the water review book.

He offers this excellent water review book that is great for preparing for the Florida DEP certification examination test. I used it to pass the test as the exam was not  easy.


I took the Richard Dillon wastewater exam review class and passed it to get my Florida class C operators license. It was a tough exam. I went to what is now Palm Beach State College formerly Palm Beach Community College (prior to that Palm Beach Junior College) for two years and the wastewater exam was the most difficult test I ever took in my life. I do not believe I would have passed it if I had not taken Richard Dillon's review course.

I have no monetary stake in the classes and I only offer this information as a courtesy to Mr. Dillon, who I consider a friend. I do this as a courtesy for him and operators and trainee's in the water field.


The FWPCOA does not seem interested in promoting this information, so I put this information up on the net for you fellow water and waste water operators and operators in training (OIT). Sometimes OIT's are called process tech's or technicians.

Mr. Dillon and his classes are not endorsed by the FW&PCOA, even though he was a regional board member for many years and has taught classes for them as a volunteer and as a paid instructor. As of September 2011 the CEU classes offered by Mr. Dillon are certified via the FWOCOA, but they do not endorse him.

I do not understand why the state FW & PCOA or our local region six will not let the operators know what is available for them...

Contact information for the Florida Dept of Environmental Protection -

Click the link above for operator certification information.

Who is Richard Dillon and what does he offer? Richard has a double A license and has an associate’s degree. He was operations manager for the city of Miramar. Richard was a volunteer that served on the FWPCOA board of directors for region seven for a number of years and was the editor of their newsletter.


Richard moved to Palm Beach to be with family when he retired and he brings over 30 years of experience with him. Richard has been a teacher for region six offering CEU’s and teaching distribution classes for the new licensing requirements of Florida. Richard was the start up instructor for the Palm Beach State College water treament programs.





An Open Letter to the FW&PCOA

Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association

September 1, 2011

By: Robert Walker



The question has been raised by your webmaster and the state board of directors if region six of FWPCOA should be allowed to use the region 6 home page to advertise the resident Water treatment and wastewater treatment courses offered by Palm Beach State College. These water related classes are used for training future water plant operators and waste water or what was formerly known as sewage treatment operations.These are municipal water treatment training classes for medium to large water plants. These jobs usually entail working for a city or county facility producing clean water to EPA standards with oversight by the Florida Dept of Health or the Palm Beach County Health Dept. 

Palm Beach State College offered these water classes in the past when it was known as Palm Beach Community College formerly Palm Beach Jr College before that. One would think that the state association would want to assist the local regional association in promoting the future operators.

Maybe I am wrong in thinking about that notion. My guess is no money for the organization means no information for potential operators. I give you the info here.

Here is the contact info for Palm Beach State College

call (561) 868-3702  mail: i@palmbeachstate.edu

Click here for Water Classes


I assisted Dave Ailstock and Richard Dillon in the very beginning of the reinstatement of the framing with the water program at the College. David Ailstock and Richard Dillon along with some help with the region six board members enlisted the assistance of Ed James of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection or the FDEP to get the resident classes approved.

This was enacted so these students could take their DEP water and wastewater certification examinations. I am merely a former student of Palm Beach Community College and I have no financial stake in these classes or with Richard Dillon.


David Ailstock’s father used to teach the water classes at the College about 20 or so years ago. The water program was discontinued at the College for many years until just recently. Dave Ailstock and Richard Dillion were about 95% responsible for getting the local resident water classes back up and running. The FW&PCOA at the state level does not offer these FDEP approved class C water and wastewater treatment plant operator training in the Palm Beach County area. One would be inclined to believe that the state level would want to assist the local region in the training of future operators. By not allowing the region six website to promote this information, the water classes run a greater risk in danger of being cancelled due to a lack of enrollment.


Like you and the other members I have volunteered for teaching, taking pictures of events for the local region and writing articles for the journal promoting the local region.
Richard Dillon spent many years doing volunteer work for the Broward region as an instructor and board member and he assisted me in getting my WW C.
I find it disturbing that some members in region 6 go to a great deal of trouble to start a local resident course at the local College to help new people get the water and wastewater classes to get C certification via the FDEP. Our local region 6 board was not of much help in this endeavor, so it was done via the FDEP at the state level.
Yet we are not even allowed to let people know the class exists on the local region website. I posted the information on the local region website and Walt and the State board of directors deny the posting to be allowed.
The FWPOCA does not offer a resident course in the local area for our benefit.
So how are new people supposed to find out how to get trained locally?
Is it only important for the association to allow this information to be posted on their website only if they are making money on it?
The FWPCOA took a fairly large grant ($100,000) from the FDEP for the water careers video to promote high school students to get into the water field. We start a resident class and the association will not even allow the information to be disseminated. This may possibly kill the classes offered at our local college due to lack of enrollment. Maybe the grant should be refunded?
Just my thoughts as a member...
Robert Walker